Support Services

Nonviolence International New York is a proud organizer of a youth powered volunteer network of hundreds of participants around the world. Our services are provided with the cooperation of our volunteer network members, alumni, and current program participants. All are dedicated to providing their specific specialities and abilities in service to civil society at the United Nations.


Lg = Logistics & Marketing Teams

Ct = Creative Team service

Gp = New York Graduate Plan (on location or online)

R = Remote

Ip = Youth Leader programs (eg. Internship program and volunteer program)

Outreach and Public Relations Teams:

Social Media Management | For years our teams have been running the social media counts of numerous organizations and coalitions across the international community. After establishing the goals and needs of the coalition, our social media teams will be able to build and maintain an audience that can support your organization.

(Ct & Ip)

Awareness Campaign Management in Practical Peacebuilding Teams | Campaign management and social media. Our teams will build strategies for a participating coalition and work to develop online content for specific campaigns, International Holidays, and events.


Short Films & Commercials | Our team is lucky enough to work closely with talented film and media graduates from around the world. Our team can dedicate both time and expertise to build films and content to help any coalition or organization.


Events | Hosting and throwing events across New York City. From conception to launch, our teams are trained and ready to make any special moment last a lifetime.


Public Relations & Average Strategies | After establishing a goal and a target audience, our team will provide strategies, resources, ways to build a platform and connect with allies across the world. In sponsoring this service, your organization will be provided with a team of young, intuitive, creative public relations graduates who will focus on your cause, mission, and assist in building tactics to truly connect with the many audiences in connection to your organization.


Graphic Design | Our team amasses graphic designers, 3-D animators, and so many more talented and unique creators who can take any cause and give it a contextual spin. Our design participants are eager to practice their skills truly help the world.


Website Design & SEO | If you’re not online, you don’t exist. Our team will assist in building out intuitive websites that allow an organization to represent everything needed, guide audiences on a journey to enable higher conversion rates, the ability to fundraise, and build allies never before thought possible. Our web designers are scheduled to work within your budget to be able to build websites of all kinds. Our web design department can audit already existing sites, build out brand new pages, and search engine optimize any website to make sure that your organization is at the top of Google searches.


Web presence, Analytics & Planning | are you at the top of Google? What do people do when they enter your site? In this service, we can support your website and find every loose end and areas to improve so that you’re able to truly reach your audiences like never before.


Research and Analytic Teams:

Interviews | One of the most important skill sets we instill in our interns and volunteers is collecting information from a conversation. Our Research and Analytic Teams have experience conducting interviews with world renowned experts and can assist your organization in their specific needs.

(Gp & R)

Research projects | Nonviolence International New York has worked with dozens of organizations to complete hundreds of different projects successfully. Finding all relevant information, collecting and organizing information, and formatting findings needed for project success is one of our greatest strengths.

(Gp & R)

Position papers | In scope of our three advocacy tracks (disarmament, peace, social development), any specific points or position that an organization need help drafting, our skilled Research Analysts and participants can assist in dissecting and/or writing a complete position paper to be submitted.

(Gp & R )

Blogs and online content | Organizations need a paper trail across the Internet to be relevant on Google and, more importantly, to communicate with their audiences. Partner with our Research Analysts and gain informed research and blog formatting to allow your organization to interact with your audiences using real facts from trusted sources.

(Ip & R)

Project management | Our skilled Project Leads will be partnered with your expertise. The numerous departments and resources we have to offer allows for the successful management of projects both remotely and across the world.

(Lg, Ct, & R)

Civil Society Engagement:

Our team can provide a more hands-on role in volunteering, participating in events, reaching out to other organizations, taking notes, or writing backgrounders for events and important moments.

Event Assistant | Increased capacity is valuable at any event. Ushers to help people set, assistance to unfold chairs, technical support and more, our hands are here to help by the dozens. Our teams are always willing and excited to assist in any capacity with spare hands and volunteers.

(Gp, Ip & Ct)

Representation, Backgrounders, and notes | Nonprofit organizations are familiar with the need to be many places at once. This service will allow your organization to send dozens of interns or volunteers throughout civil society across the international community to participate in events, meetings, and important moments and bring back detailed notes to take further action on involved issues. In partnership with organizations across the world, those on our team routinely attend and take notes for various side events and UN functions. Depending on your needs and capacity, we can fill necessary gaps and to help you achieve the impossible and have your organization in every room at once.

(Gp & Ip)

Public speaking in webinars |

Nonviolence International Fiscal Sponsorship:

Violent conflict can be found on every corner of the globe, but together we can make a difference.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Nonviolence International is proud to offer its services as a fiscal sponsor to organizations working for peace and justice in the world. Whether you represent an organization yet to receive tax-exempt status or are not interested in pursuing that option, we would be happy to talk with you about the possibility of fiscal sponsorship.

Benefits of fiscal sponsorship with Nonviolence International:

  • joining with others to promote our shared values

  • donation processing

  • event insurance

  • employee payroll

  • tax form completion

  • UN passes

  • letters of receipt to large donors

  • possibility of additional benefits, such as health, dental, vision, and life insurance

Join us as we work to build a global culture of nonviolence and grow hope in dark times.

If you are interested in receiving support from these resources to increase your capacity while empowering future youth leaders through an introduction to civil society at the UN, please see the form below: