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About us

In our 30+ years working across the world with hundreds of organizations, we at Nonviolence International have found capacity growth as one of the most difficult struggles for so many organizations within civil society. While working on topics and issues that address some of the largest problems in the world, the capacity to take on new projects, complete necessary research, contact audiences, and/or the ability to reach all coalition meetings has become more challenging for each of us in the international community.

This is why in 2014, Nonviolence International opened an office dedicated to improving the capacity and empowering civil society at the United Nations. Since its opening, our office has provided hundreds of volunteers and interns to coalitions like IANSA, CoNGO, NGOMG, NGOCSW and many more, supporting these coalitions to run smoothly in times of trouble and to soar in times of ease.

In 2017, we officially developed a new system in order to better assist and empower our global network of youth leaders as well as the international community. Through our educational and training program, the Internship Program, our office has welcomed promising undergraduate students from universities across the globe, connected them with international coalitions, and guided them through their tasks with our partners.

In appreciation for all our work, Control Arms has written in an email about our “Army of Interns,” explaining we had the ability to be on every corner of the United Nations all at once.

Now in 2020, our office is running two active immersive programs that bring an average of 100+ dedicated future youth leaders into the international community each semester, volunteering in support of Civil Society, learning, participating and applying their skills across the UN system.

Announcements & New Opportunities:

In partnership with UNITAR and in accordance to Nonviolence International New York’s mission:

“Nonviolence International is an innovative, international, educational, advocacy, and communications organization. It conducts and produces important research on a growing number of issues, including peace, disarmament, and Social Development, and operates an extensive internship program within the United Nations. With a focus of building programs that connect youth leaders to civil society and empower them to advocate for a better world to help accomplish its tripartite mission.​

(1) To collaborate with our civil society partners toward the success of our mutual goals.

(2) To use our programs to empower youth to strengthen civil society in order to support, empower, and amplify unspoken causes and forgotten voices, through nonviolent solutions in the international community.

(3) To give our interns and volunteers the highest quality educational experience possible concerning the United Nations processes, mission, and the bridge between the United Nations and civil society.”

We will have a remote team of about 30 - 120 talented college graduates who are looking to participate and assist the efforts of civil society organizations and coalitions at the United Nations through our NEW program, The New York Graduate Plan Online.

Depending on the needs of the participating organizations and/or coalition, we will be able to direct students to one of three teams in this program. To accomplish all agreed upon goals, each student will have the support from a) a project supervisor, b) a team lead c) our civil society advocacy leadership, d) the Nonviolence International New York media and film department, and e) the professors and project leads at Arizona Research Center as well as numerous other resources, experts, and mentors across the world.

During this three-month online program, each of these students will be in training sessions with the United Nations Department of Training and Research and different experts worldwide in the Nonviolence International Network. They will be conducting presentations, running events and awareness campaigns, and more for participating organizations and coalitions.

For each of the participating organizations and coalitions, depending on the pre-agreed upon goals and needs, our new program can provide various support services within the link below.